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Hi Wedding Lovers!

The Stylish Wedding Diary is “the wedding diary” of a Destination Wedding Planner getting married with an Destination Wedding Photographer. Here you will find all the back stage stories on how a wedding planner and his fiancé plan their wedding. Prepare to fall in love with this beautiful story.


Zahira Domenech she is the owner of Eventus by Zahira  a Destination Wedding Planning firm. “After many emails, comments on our Instagram and Facebook, asking to share the story of how I’m planning my own wedding, I thought it can be a wonderful experience to share with all of you our behind the scenes and I can’t wait to share all the process with you, so you can take some inspiration for your special day too.”


Jose Ruiz is the owner of Jose Ruiz Photography and  JR Architecture Photography  ” Been in Love with a Zahira is like having your best friend always by your side. Zahira and I share so many things: our love for Weddings, Fashion, Photography and Design among many other things. Having so many followers, friends and family that are always sharing there love and support to us I thought this was the perfect idea to give back all the love that we receive every day making them be part of the planning of our wedding.”


We hope that you join us on this journey and we hope that you get inspired not only to have a wonderful wedding but most importantly to have a marriage more beautiful than your wedding.



Zahíra & Jose